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The 7xi console is a revolutionary way to link your members to stunning entertainment, social media favorites, effective fitness tracking and brand-building communication from you. It’s also an ingenious way to manage your equipment to expedite maintenance and service, which maximizes machine uptime. All the data the 7xi collects is available on an open platform, so it is yours to use in maximizing operations and building member loyalty.

The console features a fitness-optimized app interface with selective functionality. That means users can follow their social feeds and access entertainment favorites while they exercise, but they can’t attempt anything that could break their rhythm or interfere with their footing. We wanted on-the-fly functionality that users could operate while they work out. We also focused on an app interface to limit web browsing, which can introduce viruses or lead to access of inappropriate content. The app interface keeps individuals in control and gives you control of what they can experience in your facility.

What’s even better is that we built it all on a platform that we can enhance remotely. That means your 7xi experience will evolve to include new features and functionality as technology evolves. As we learn more about how users want to interact with the console – and with your facility – we can incorporate those insights directly into the experience without ever setting foot on your cardio floor. The 7xi will continue to improve over time so that your members continue to get the most current and innovative workout experience possible. And none of it is possible without Matrix.

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