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As a facility owner, you have a lot to manage. Trust Matrix Asset Management to lighten the load when it comes to equipment. Already the most comprehensive asset management solution on the market, our robust platform offers a 360° view of your total equipment status anytime and on just about any internet-connected device.

Online Service Portal
The latest version of our asset management solution includes an extremely useful, secure portal that facilitates communication between Matrix, you and your service provider to streamline the repair process and limit downtime. You don’t have to be on the cardio floor to know that a treadmill is out of service, and you don’t even have to be in the same city to launch the process that gets it up and running again.

Use Information to Your Advantage

1. Easily View Your Product Information

Easy indicator icons on the product page signal whether a product is functioning properly. Plus, you can quickly access equipment information like product manuals or service documentation.

2. Access Machine-Specific Data
Quickly gauge individual machine use with summary statistics and graphs of the product’s use over time. This invaluable data can help you better manage your inventory.

3. Customize Equipment Names
Not only can you name your facility or center, but you can also configure the system so that equipment names follow facility policy for easy identification by staff and service providers.

4. Understand Usage Patterns
At a glance, the system automatically summarizes the most popular machines that were used at every time of day. Greater insight into usage patterns allows you to maximize product life.

5. Manage Multiple Facilities
Ideal for organizations large and small, the system provides easy access to equipment data from multiple facilities in a single portal accessible by just about any device that can connect to the internet.

6. View Facility Data Many Ways
A variety of data views are possible for your facility. Examples include Average Workouts per Hour, Top Usage in the Past 30 Days and Average Use by Type.

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