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There’s no shortage of tools to help your members capture their trail runs, yoga classes and circuit training. What your members really need is a single solution that brings everything together in one place. That’s the Matrix Workout Tracking Network. To make it even better, Matrix merges tracking with a rich slate of in-workout entertainment. You can deliver both through a single platform that bears your brand.

The Matrix solution creates a strong connection between your facility and your members. It all starts with xID, the single login that gives members access to all of their information and syncs with their favorite apps and devices. You can also link rewards programs to xIDs to offer points for check-ins, personal training, purchases, social media posts and more. With xID as the main point of connection, you can forge deep and lasting relationships with your members.

The Workout Tracking Network gives your members access to thousands of song titles and music videos — free of charge — to enjoy during their workouts. They can mark favorites and create playlists from your branded dashboard. For most members, the expansive entertainment offerings are vastly more extensive than their own personal collections.

Your members can create personalized goals, compete in challenges and applaud fellow members through the activity-based social feed. The live results and virtual community bolster awareness, foster connections and deepen engagement. It becomes clear that your facility is not just a place where your members work out. It is where they have fun, make friends and see real results – a place where they belong.

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